The Rendezvous Series

Within the Heart of Every Atom, you can See It. Within Every Human, you can Feel It. By No Mistake, Within the Rendezvous Series, you can Experience It!

Our Magnetic Mounts are Incredibly Powerful and Easy-to-Use

The Rendezvous Series is Next-Gen Technology. Experience the finest magnetic mounts, enabled by the power of our proprietary Universal Magnetic Link. Apply the Link to your phone or object, then lock into the Rendezvous Mounts, effortlessly and securely.

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Universal Magnetic Link

  • Made with billet Aluminum, you can pick your Favorite Color & Engraving.
  • Attach your Universal Link to virtually any Phone, Device or Object.
  • Experience the Rendezvous Series, and discover your favorite Magnetic Mount.


Magnetic Suction Cup

  • Perfect for your Car, Truck, Boat and any other vehicle you wish to upgrade.
  • Years of research has paired us with THE BEST suction cups on the free market. Click here and learn more!
  • We are so confident in our Suction Cups, all customers will receive a lifetime warranty. Click here and learn more.


Magnetic Handlebar Mount

  • Mount on the handlebar of your favorite two and four wheelers. Motorized or not, upgrade your outdoors experience.
  • Confidence is most important in the great outdoors. You can be confident you will not lose your Phone or Device while exploring.
  • We know things can get interesting out there. At least you wont have to worry, you are covered by our lifetime warranty. Click here and learn more.


Magnetic Telescope Suction Cup

  • Fully adjustable to fit just about any windshield on the market. Bring the phone closer to the occupants of your vehicle.
  • We discovered this mount will find the most comfortable positions we have ever experienced. 5 Inches of Adjustment.
  • Sharing the same quality with our entire series, all customers will receive a lifetime warranty. Click here and learn more.


Magnetic Surface Mount

  • Mount your phone, device or object on just about any surface. The magnetic Surface Mount utilizes either screws and or adhesive for mounting.
  • We have found this mount to excel at mounting large tablets on walls and phones on the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • This mount it truly limited to your imagination as far as use. So we know a lifetime warranty will ensure you dont limit your expectations.

Frequent Asked Questions

Have a Question? Perhaps it Has Been Answered Below.

Do not be fooled by the compact size and simplicity of the Rendezvous Series. The Universal Magnetic Link can be stuck to the back of your small or large phone, and up to your large tablet. Just don't forget about all the other objects you want a neat and unique mounting system for.
No! magnets will not have a negative impact on your phone or tablet. In fact, many of the latest phones and tablets have powerful rare-earth magnets within.
Yes! You can definitely stick the Universal Link directly to the back of of your phone, device or object. And you can absolutely stick the Universal Link to your case. While our adhesive is highly tested and proven, we do recommend waiting 24hrs before using with our magnetic mounts. Always test quality of application.
All magnetic mounts within the Rendezvous Series will seamlessly work with the Universal Magnetic Link. We will be continually releasing new magnetic mounts within the Rendezvous Series. So make sure you do not miss the future of phone and device mounting, and come back for new options!
While we are super confident in the build quality and function of our mounting system, we cannot cover the damage or loss of any property while using our mounting systems. We do cover ALL accidental damage, and quality issues for the lifetime of your purchase. The lifetime of your product is defined as any amount of reasonable time. No precise deadline has currently been defined.
If you or your company can benefit from standardizing on the use of our magnetic mounting systems, we are more than happy to quote you special pricing. We have many sizes and strength of mount for industrial and commercial use, which are not listed on this site. To inquire, please email us directly at
You can personalize your custom link with our powerful Link Designer on the product page. If you have a larger order, you or your business can have mounts made with a custom color and or engraving. This can be a great promotional product, gift and or standard equipment for you and your colleagues. Please email us directly at to inquire.

Customer Reviews

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I’m amazed at how strong and secure this mounting system is. This mount is extraordinary!


GeraldVerified Customer

I started to get bored with the available phone mounts, then I found the Rendezvous Series!


MarionVerified Customer

The Telescoping Suction Cup magnetic mount works perfect in my new pickup truck!


RafaelVerified Customer

Mounting. Attractive. Everywhere.

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